Engineering and Design Services

Reverse Engineering and Design Services Projects > $ 500K Detailed RFQ Process/Project Management
3D Modelling and Conversions from 2 D /Project Management Electronic Assembly, Cables CCA, Machining, Engineering

Global Low Cost Country Sourcing Group 30% savings – 247 Support globally Aerospace MedicalEngineering/Design Services

  • Support Offices MSP /Bangalore India 40 Plus folks
  • Reverse Engineering and Design
  • CAD/CAM Drawing Verification and Updates
  • Value Engineering ,Jigs & Fixture Design
  • Inspection Fixture & Gauge Design
  • Create Detail drawing for the
  • Parametric model buillt
  • CAE Validation Services - FEA/CFD/Mold Flow
  • Analysis

LCCSGI –Savings $500,000 - US vs India -Machining/Engineering Service

LCCSGI –Vayu -JV Capability 247 Detailed Drawings / Reverse Engineering

[Case Study reverse Engineering]


  • 3D scan and obtain point cloud data for given physical part.
  • To recreate the parametric CAD model based on scan data.
  • To create Detail drawing for the parametric model built.
  • Quality check and comparison.


  • Physical Sample


  • Parametric CAD model
  • Detail drawing

LCCSGI –Vayu -JV Capability 247 Detailed Drawings / Reverse Engineering

[Cable & PCB Design]

PCB manufactures a wide variety of cable assemblies that will mate to different sensor types, signal conditioners and data acquisition systems. Cables are an important part of every measurement system. PCB carefully selects different raw cable types from trusted suppliers and time is taken to design cable to connector interfaces that will be reliable. All cable assemblies are produced at one of PCB’s manufacturing locations to tightly controlled assembly procedures that ensure durability in various applications and environments