Supply Chain 247

  • LCCSGI ..Mn USA will have its India BLR office locate your Supply Chain
  • Professional working remotely 30% plus savings.
  • Place your Purchase Orders/Planning MRP ..LCCSGI Certified
  • Procurement Professionals
  • LCCSGI Supply Chain folks are excellent with Excel, Visual and other
  • Production Planning skills
  • Assigned folks with 5-7 years experience in Manufacturing-Aerospace,
  • Auto, or Medical with excellent English speaking professionals
  • 18 month Contract for key personnel from LCCSGI
  • Ontime delivery with effective planning

Huge Market place Opportunities for US Suppliers India Localization

  • Boeing / Airbus / Lockheed Offset.. major opportunity
  • Win Win situation for US / India / LCCSGI Supplier
  • US supplier could gain New product Opportunities
  • High Growth rate—25% Plus with LCCSGI - High margins for US suppliers with LCCSGI

Fast Expansion Ready made With World Class India Supplier Base

  • Top Class Machining, Assembly, Supplier base
  • Typical 25-30 % in savings
  • English Speaking Base – Ease of communication

Exponential Savings

  • Faster FAI / Velocity (3X)
  • Larger Spend Package ($3-5 mm) and more Parts
  • Transfer Programs / Tools from US source to LCCSGI Partner
  • Opportunity to remove bottlenecks (3X) – Huge Potential
  • Opportunity for India Supplier for Capital Growth /Knowhow

Relationship Management

  • Scalability of Operations with increase in demand
  • Regional office-Improve Focus on Execution- OTIF and PPM
  • Present Manpower and Process Capabilities greater utilization
  • Ease of Communication – US based Suppliers