Global Low-Cost Sourcing Group(LCCSGI) formed in 2016 to help US/India companies with Cost Effective Sourcing for Engineering, Manufacturing, and Joint Ventures with India focus and networking.

LCCSGI has a high level of networking and its Affiliate's in Bangalore with companies in Aerospace, Medical etc. for $150-200 Million for Joint Ventures with India for Expansion and significant growth.

LCCSGI Instrumental in taking US Companies to India for High Quality Global Sourcing - Aerospace and Medical-Machining, Assembly Operations and Engineering Services for higher margins With India Affiliate – BACL - Bangalore Aerospace Consultants Pvt Ltd in Sales India. LCCSGI Team has boots on Ground in Bangalore, Mumbai & Delhi


We specialize in Global and LCC Sourcing making in getting you 25-30 % Returns from Engineering Drawing Conversions from 3D etc. to ease of Design and Manufacturing in record time Our Typical package we take on should be between 

We have significant experiences in setting up USA-India Joint Ventures / Supplier Partnering given extensive Networking capability, Reverse Engineering and Design Services Projects > $ 500k

Detailed RFQ Process/Project Management-3D Modeling and Conversions from 2D / Project Management. Excellent 
high-Quality Supplier base for Complex Machining 3-5Axis / Fabrication,Assembly, CCA, Machining, Engineering We have Local Staff at BLR for Execution

LCCSGI –Affiliates in India/Major Centers Aerospace/Medical

Vivek Kamran


15-20+ years Global Sourcing/Program Management, Supply Chain - $1+ Billion Dollar Group United Technologies, Wheelabartor Technologies, Medtronic.

Global Supply Chain expertise with - Expertise in Insuring Significant Returns (25% plus). Global Low-Cost Country Strategy and Execution for, Machining, Assembly, Cables, Electronics

Engineering Design/Drafting and Value Analysis. Established Top Quality and Cost Effective15-20+ years Global Sourcing/Program Management

Established Top Quality and Cost-Effective Suppliers & CEOs with effective Networking Group of Companies with $100-$150 Million Sales. Proven Expertise from Lessons Learnt in taking US Companies to India

Help Set Supply Chain Global, India Operations and Engineering Services for higher margins and India Joint Ventures

Key Alliances and Offices-Bangalore-India, Minneapolis/St Paul Minnesota USA BACL/Pearl Aviation etc. in Bangalore, 315, 14 Cross, II Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore, Pearl Aviation Bangalore, Arbo Swanson Management Services , Mumbai, & Delhi. Significant Networking for Joint Ventures etc.

Peter Orluck

CEO Orluck Industries Elk River, MN USA

India Lead Orluck Growth to $ 7Miilion Sales

Established Global Entrepreneur with track record of growth. Aerospace Manufacturing and Industry (business) expert

Well-connected all over USA industry including key sales contacts Proven Business Growth Performance….

100% committed to India as future of Orluck and to long term Orluck business plan

Proven Sales and Leadership performance

JV Partner

Engineering Services

Vayu Engineering Solutions Private Limited, Bangalore.

Anil Gupta

Director Operations co-founded Vayu Engineering Solutions Private Limited

engineering services over 12 years’ experience, supporting customers across USA, Europe and India with over 40 dedicated Engineering folks for quick turnaround.

Arbo Swanson

CEO- Anil Ambo --Sales/Marketing /JV

experiencein Industrial /Medical and extensive networking in Mumbai/Delhi India..


Affiliates Delhi

Extensive experience in working with defense and Medical CEO’S and Directors.

USA Marketing Affiliate

Allume Marketing/Sales Development for US/International Businesses Arun Sharma Minneapolis USA

Bangalore Manufaturing and Offices - SEZ / Aero Park